Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Presented by Harvest Life Enterprises, 100kdollarsandcounting is an online haven for scholarship resources and listings, as well as college planning information relevant to scholarships. This site, the book "$100,000 and Counting", and the Facebook page - - should provide you with the necessary tools to obtain a college education debt free!

We encourage you to peruse the "Resources" page for educational information on scholarships and financial aid.  The page also lists noteworthy resources to take advantage of during your scholarship search.  The "Scholarships News" page hosts the latest articles and up-to-date information in the world of scholarships. Check out the "Partners & Recommendations" page for a listing of organizations and programs that provide services I believe can supplement your scholarships and college planning needs. The "Hot Scholarships!" page lists prominent scholarships with impending deadlines, so keep abreast of these! To take advantage of the services we offer or to get in touch with us, go to the "Services & Contact" page.

Also on the website, you can find out more about the book, "$100,000 and Counting: A Faith-Based Guide to Winning College Scholarships" and the author, Ashli McLean. Stay up-to-date with us by following our "News and Events" page.

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“This is my testament of trusting God to provide non-debt money for my college education and, in turn, winning over $100,000 in scholarships. My book and this website is meant to provide viewers with all of the tools needed to win scholarships, educational information on financial aid and the FAFSA, money-saving tips I used during college, and even special information just for parents. I hope you will take full advantage of the knowledge and resources I share, which will prove invaluable before and during your college tenure!”  - Ashli McLean